All the Disney Princesses movies sorted (2023)

One ofDisneyevaThe most profitable brand was the Princess line. Makes senseSnow White and Seven Dwarfswas the company's first feature-length animated film and helped shape the company into what audiences know today. When audiences think of Disney, they think of princesses and fairy tales. Throughout the company's history, they've consistently added new Disney princesses to their line, and the brand is so iconic that having them all appear together was a key selling point.Ralph destroys the internet.

While Disney experimented with live-action remakes of its animated films in the 1990s, the trend really took off in the 2010s after Tim Burton'sAlice in Wonderland,earned $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Since then, the company has relaunched many of its animated classics, with a focus on moviesDisney Princesses line. This was done to capitalize on audience nostalgia, but also to allow Disney to correct and fix some issues with films that may not have aged well.

Updated May 17, 2023: In honor of the publicationevil mermaidThis article has been updated with more movies and additional information about each entry.

Disney is certainly not slowing down. 2023 marks the long-awaited releaseevil mermaid.In 2024, West Side Story star Rachael Zegler will starsnow white. Disney also recently announced its plans for a live-action remake of the filmVaiana. Now it seems only a matter of time before the live-action remakes arriveComplicated,Frozen, IRaya and the last dragonare announced. That's why every Disney live-action princess movie is listed here.


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8 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

continuation ofHer, released a full five years later,Maleficent: Mistress of EvilIt cannot live up to its predecessor in almost every respect. Using the crafting technique of Maleficent, the villain from the originalsleeping BeautyIn this more relatable and lovable story, the eponymous character faces the rigged perception of a neighboring kingdom as a villain, with a rather underdeveloped subplot about the rise of an endangered, powerful fairy race known as the Dark Faeries is.

The princess in this film, Aurora, is actually the queen now, and while she has quite a bit of screen time, her character hardly develops from what we already know about her. Developing a storyline where the main villain is a queen intent on committing genocide against the fairies is certainly a bold move for Disney, but it falls short of its potential. However, it is also visually an eye-catcherimpressive castHe gets the best out of what he has to work with. It's also worth noting that it's probably better than most direct-to-video sequels Disney made in the 1990s and 2000s, but at least they had the low-budget excuse.

7 Aladdin (2019)

All the Disney Princesses movies sorted (2)

There's no denying thatAladdinis a beautiful film; The choreography, set design and vibrant cinematography are breathtaking. Despite many initial concerns about earlier leaked character designs and comparisons to later onesIconic recording by Robin WilliamsAs for the character, Will Smith actually manages to exceed all expectations and really shines as a genie, making him his own while still giving fans exactly what they've come to expect from the great genie of blue magic.

Unfortunately a large partAladdinIt's more of a version of the classic animated film on stage, with viewers evoking fond memories of the original. Princess Jasmine gets some more screen time to further develop her character, including an additional but unforgettable musical score whose modern-day sensibilities seek to emulateFrozen"Let It Go" clashes with the music of the original film.

While the extended romantic comedy second act is an inspired choice, this version is otherwise no different from the original animated film, which is already a near-perfect film. While it's not a bad movie, it all feels pretty pointless, especially to those of us who remember the originalAladdinpublication in our lives. Perhaps Disney would do well to remake some of its long-underappreciated animated gems.

6 Mulan (2020.)

All the Disney Princesses movies sorted (3)

Originally intended for theatrical release,Mulan was released on Disney+ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A retelling of the 1998 animated film of the same name, it is set in Han Dynasty China, where Fa Mulan, daughter of the aging warrior Fa Zhou, embodies a man who takes her father's place in a general recruitment to fight the Hun incursions.

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Although it is an epic and exciting game,Mulanhas been suffering from the exact opposite problem since 2019Aladdin –It strays too far from what made the original so entertaining. With the omission of the comic relief provided by Eddie Murphy as Mushu's little dragon sidekick and the iconic songs, it now feels like the humor and fun that made the original so enjoyable is missing. While it's admirable to aim for a different genre and approach to the story, it feels like a halfhearted effort in some ways.

5 Maleficent (2014)

All the Disney Princesses movies sorted (4)

Heris a live-action retelling of the classic animated film by Walt Disneysleeping Beautyand shows the history ofthe perspective of the so-called villainand the eponymous antagonist, who portrays her conflicted relationship with the king and princess of a corrupt kingdom. Showing it from Maleficent's point of view was a fantastically interesting choice, allowing for more character development compared to her rather evil portrayal in the original animation. Here she is given a convincing character that humanises her. While this decision takes away an element fans loved about the original character, that she was the mistress of all evil, this new story stands on its own.

The film also shifts the dynamic between Maleficent and Princess Aurora, which now more closely resembles a mother-daughter dynamic. While they touch on some important issues like family and feminism, it doesn't feel like they'll ever reach their full potential. The film received some backlash for its overuse of CGI and FX, but the concept was refreshing and paved the way for a (superior) "villain"-centric filmCruella, published seven years later.

4 Disappointed (2022)

All the Disney Princesses movies sorted (5)

Is an additionDisappointed impostor? Originalbewitchedwas the submission of Disney's princess films and is also on this list, so it makes sense to include the 2022 sequel.DisappointedIt may not be as iconic as the original and launched 15 years later, but it's still a fun sight to see with many Disney troupes. This time the focus is on the evil stepmother's squad present inSnow White and Seven DwarfsICinderella.

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Disappointedis an interesting exploration of what happens to the princess after her happy ending. It's also about what makes a princess a princess, and breaks with the convention that royal blood determines their status.

3 Cinderella (2015)

All the Disney Princesses movies sorted (6)

This 2015 remake of the 1950 animated classic is truly an example of what these adaptations can make so entertaining for viewers of all ages.CinderellaIt manages to retain all the beauty and magic of the original and is faithful enough to the original to overwhelm audiences with feelings of sweet nostalgia. Advances in film technology and quality are used in presentation to prevent audiences from craving the original so much that they neglect the film they are watching.

The slightly longer duration allows for further development of the prince's character and gives the audience a glimpse of Cinderella's life before she is orphaned. The setting and costumes are beautifully rendered on screen as the storybook comes to life. The cast is perfectly matched to their roles. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter shine as stepmothers and fairy godmothers. Lily James is truly upliftingCinderellaand was an indication of the strong career he would go on to have. All in all, the film feels more like a Cinderella story than a copy-and-paste money-heist.

2 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

All the Disney Princesses movies sorted (7)

IfCinderella,Beauty and the Beastmanages to retain most of the original elements that made the classic cartoon so popular, only this time they accelerate character development even more. Belle, who has always been among the greatest princesses because she is smart, loyal, brave, compassionate and values ​​education, is finally being lived to the fullest to fulfill her potential as an iconic princess and role model for young girls that she deserves. She's a much more powerful heroine here.

The changes are made through a number of subtle and nuanced differences, such as this time Belle being the inventor and not just her father's assistant. She is portrayed as an innovator and trendsetter, and at one point she is even shown teaching a young girl to read. There's also a hilarious but poignant final joke as Belle looks at her handsome, newly changed prince and asks, "What would you think if you grew a beard?" Camera work, music, costumes and performances are fantastic and he is is considered one of the most successful Disney films at the box office.

1 Enchanted (2007)

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bewitchedMaybe it's a bit of cheating, but in fairness it's a live-action adaptation that answers the question, "What would happen if you put all the Disney princesses together?" In that fairy tale is Giselle (Amy Adams) a starry-eyed princess who lives in the woods with her animal friends and dreams that one day her true love will find her. But when she finds her prince, who she falls in love with after a day (but he's played by James Marsden, so who can blame her?), his evil stepmother decides to get rid of the princess. She pushes Giselle through a magical fountain to a place where there is no happily ever after. That place is, of course, New York. On his trip to New York, he meets Robert (Patrick Dempsey), a practical man, but meeting Giselle changes his life and that of his daughter for the better.

bewitchedfeatures beautiful costumes, energetic performances and catchy songs that perfectly capture the heart of the Disney princess films. It could be Disney's answer to fixing itthe problem with their live-action remakes. Recent films have received a lot of criticism for portraying the princesses as too boring, pessimistic and flawless. When girls realize that in order to be good, like their favorite princesses, they have to be perfect, then they will never be good enough. That's wherebewitchedsucceeds where current films have failed. Giselle has mistakes, but she learns. She doesn't hate love, but she's learning to have a healthy relationship. A large part of her charm may be due to her being original despite being a combination of the other princesses. No one can compare it frame by frame to the previous version, so Disney isn't forcing itself to make it "better" than before.

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