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Explore the many art galleries in Edinburgh for a great day out.

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (1)

Edinburgh really does have a thriving arts scene and boasts some of the finest and most unique galleries showcasing the work of both established and emerging artists. Read on to discover some of the best art galleries in town.

To the Scottish National Gallery

The Hill, Edimburgo, EH2 2EL

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (2)

Located right in the heart of the city center on The Mound,To the Scottish National Galleryit houses Scotland's national art collection from the early Renaissance to the early 20th century.

Spend an hour strolling through this peaceful setting and you will find masterpiecesRaphael, Velazquezevermeer toMonet, CezanneeVan Gogh. The most comprehensive part of the collection covers the history of Scottish painting - includingRamsay, RayburneWilkie. Works on display include Raeburn's much-loved worksReverend Robert Walker skating on Duddingston Loch(around 1795), or as it became known,The Minister of Ice Skating.

Admission is free (fees may apply for special exhibitions)

When hunger strikes, choose betweenThe Scottish Cafe and Restaurantwhere you'll find an all-day menu of classic Scottish dishes as well as incredible views of Princes Street Gardens, orespresso coffeefor a tempting selection of freshly baked scones and cakes.

National Portrait Gallery of Scotland

1 Queen Street, Edimburgo, EH2 1JD

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Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (3)

Located in Rua Rainha,Die National Portrait Gallery of Scotlandfocuses on some of the world's finest portraiture through a wealth of imagery that spans painting, photography, sculpture and film.

Designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson as a shrine to Scotland's heroes and heroines, it opened to the public in 1889 as the first purpose-built portrait gallery.

Visit us here to meet face-to-face with the people who have shaped Scotland's past, present and future, from Mary, Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie to contemporary figures such as actors Karen Gillan and Alan Cumming and the legendary footballer Alex Ferguson.

Admission is free (fees may apply for special exhibitions)

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

73 und 75 Belford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3DR

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (4)(Photo credit: VisitScotland Kenny Lam)

Discover a world-class cutting-edge art collection atThe Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Home to some of the finest treasures of the 20th centuryºArt of the Century, the gallery's Modern One features a world-renowned collection of Surrealism and Dadaism with works by artists such asMatisse, Picasso, Vuillardedix, as well as an excellent selection of paintings by Scottish artists includingPeploeeFergusson. While outside, enjoy a collection of sculptures by major artists such asMiro,mouraeHepworth.

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (5)

The gallery is on the picturesque routeWater of Leith walkway– Why not schedule a visit on your next outing?

Admission is free (fees may apply for special exhibitions)

City Art Center

2 Market Street, Edimburgo, EH1 1DE

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (6)

advocating for historical and contemporary Scottish visual and applied arts,The city's art centerIt houses the city's collection of Scottish art and is one of the UK's leading temporary exhibition spaces.

Located in the town center and adjacent to Waverley train station, visitors can enjoy a varied programmechanging exhibitions, including historic and modern Scottish paintings and photographs, as well as contemporary arts and crafts

best tip: Make sure you get to the upper floors for a fantastic view of the new town.

An escalator and elevator provide easy access to all six floors. Guide dogs are welcome and wheelchairs are available.

2 minutes from Princes Street, the Royal Mile and the North Bridge, whether you're in town for lunch or shopping, why not stop by to enjoy the superb collection.

Admission is free (fees may apply for special exhibitions)

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The fruit market gallery

45 Market Street, Edimburgo, EH1 1DF

Originally built in 1938 as a fruit and vegetable market,The fruit market galleryhas been working as an art presentation space since 1974.

A hybrid of art gallery, bookshop and café, the gallery now aims to promote established and renowned artists as well as seek out new and emerging talent. Since 2003, the gallery has presented solo exhibitions with works by internationally renowned artists such asLouise Bourgeois, Janet Cardiff, Roman signatoryeFred Tomaselli. They have also created excellent opportunities for the development of Scottish artists includingNathan Coley, Louise Hopkins, Toby PatersoneToni Swainto ensure an international platform for local talent.

Conveniently located next to Waverley Train Station, be sure to take the time to explore the constantly changing exhibitions.

Gallery Talbot Rice

Old College, South Bridge, Edimburgo, EH8 9YL

The University of Edinburgh Public Art Gallery,Gallery Talbot RiceLocated in the heart of the University's historic Old College, it is one of Scotland's leading contemporary art galleries.

The building included three distinct exhibition spaces, including the contemporary White Cube and the Neoclassical Georgian room, and began as the home of the university's Museum of Natural History. Today it is dedicated to the question of how the university can contribute to the production of contemporary art today and in the future.

As well as presenting a number of solo exhibitions, the gallery works closely with students from Edinburgh College of Art throughout the year. The outreach and participation outreach program also aims to spread a love and appreciation for art to many different community groups.

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Queens Gallery, Palast von Holyroodhouse

Canongate, The Royal Mile, Edimburgo, EH8 8DX

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (7)(ImageCredit VisitScotland Kenny Lam)

If you like art but find conventional art galleries too big and daunting, then goQueen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouseis the answer, as it houses small, intimate exhibitions as part of the Royal Collection Trust.

At the end of Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile, in the shadow of Arthur's Seat, why not make a day of it - pack a picnic and enjoy the panoramic city views from this ancient hilltop fortress some 2,000 years old!


Municipal Observatory, 38 Calton Hill, Edinburgh, EH7 5AA

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (8)(ImageCrédito: Collective Gallery Anna-Henly)

of the collective Mission is to bring people together around the new art.

Founded in 1984, the collective has a long history of supporting new work by artists at a pivotal stage in their development. In November 2018 they opened their new home on Calton Hill with the restored City Observatory, City Dome and a purpose built exhibition space.

Its program of exhibitions, tours and events showcases contemporary art in all its diversity, giving artists the opportunity to create new works and the public the opportunity to see them here first.

When you're here, be sure to take the time to enjoy the stunning viewsCalton Hill, as well as the collection of historical monuments, including the National Monument, which is modeled on the Parthenon in Athens.


10 Infirmary Street, Edimburgo, EH1 1LT

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (9)

A world famous tapestry studio,Dovecot-StudiosIt is a historic center for contemporary arts, crafts and textile design and the only operating tapestry studio in Scotland. Established in 1912, Dovecot continues a centuries-old legacy of collaborating with international artists to produce exceptional handwoven tapestries.

The building that now houses Dovecot Studios was built in 1885 as Edinburgh's first public baths. In 2008 Dovecot moved in and transformed the Ladies Baths into a function space and the former swimming pool into the tapestry studio.

Throughout the year you will find an exciting program of events, from embroidery and tapestry workshops to guided tours and lectures. If you are looking for a unique gift or something to decorate your home, be sure to visit the store with a wide range of ceramics, textiles and jewelry.

Admission is free (fees may apply for special exhibitions)

Jupiter Artland

Bonnington House Steadings, Wilkieston, Edimburgo, EH27 8BY

Edinburgh Art Galleries | forever edinburgh (10)

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Located 10 miles from Edinburgh on the scenic 80-acre estate of Bonnington House,Jupiter Artlandis a contemporary sculpture park where visitors are encouraged to engage with the theme of self-discovery.

With no set routes, the park is a whimsical collaboration between the artists and the landscape, showcasing all of Jupiter's personal works. The result is a journey where artists are free to express themselves in the landscape and visitors can engage with their artworks.

If you ride the busLothisches LandThe X27 service operates between Edinburgh and BathgateFirst busoperates an x23 number service between Edinburgh and Livingston.

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