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1. What is the Global Methodist Church?

It is a church whose purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who will worship passionately, love excessively, and bear witness with courage. The Global Methodist Church is full of warm, Jesus-loving people inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are based on Scripture and the life-giving creeds of the Christian faith in the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.

2. How does the congregation join the Global Methodist Church?

In order to join the Global Methodist Church, the following motion must be passed by a simple majority at a congregational meeting:

“I propose that the _____________ church become a member of the Global Methodist Church congregation and affirm the Doctrinal Standards (Part 1), Social Witness (Part 2) and Church Governance of the Global Methodist Church as set forth in the Interim Book of Doctrine and maintains and discipline and agree to be responsible for those standards, testimonies and governance. Our management and trustees have the authority to take any action necessary to implement this proposal.”

The person authorized by the Church must then complete and submit a formApplication for the digital church. As part of completing the digital church application, you must upload the minutes of the meeting at which the above proposal was accepted. Church applications can only be submitted via the digital church application. If you have any questions about the Church application process, please

3. Will the Global Methodist Church provide a directory to local member churches?

Yes, there will be a directory in the future. However, most local UM churches that wish to dissociate from the UM church are still waiting for their annual UM conferences to approve their disfellowshipping requests. Some of these local churches then plan to merge with the GMC. A directory will be made available on the GMC website as this classification process continues. Thank you for your interest in the directory. We ask for your patience and prayers as theologically conservative local UM churches go through challenging changes.

4. Are the Global Methodist Church and its affiliates exempt from federal income tax and are gifts to the Global Methodist Church and its affiliates deductible as charitable donations? (Updated 08/15/2022)

The Global Methodist Church is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). A letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is attached.Here. All donations made to the Global Methodist Church on or after March 18, 2022 are deductible as charitable donations to the extent permitted by law.

The IRS stopped accepting and processing block exemption applications in 2020. Therefore, the Global Methodist Church cannot apply for a block exemption that covers local churches that are part of the Global Methodist Church.

However, the law firm Gammon & Grange, PC, which represents the Global Methodist Church, has issued its own statementLetter of OpinionIt states that local churches are exempt from taxation under the mandatory exemption in IRC § 508(c)(1)(A).They are local churchesIt is not mandatoryfile an application (IRS Form 1023) with the IRS to be considered tax-exempt under IRC §501(c)(3).Donations to such local churches in the United States are tax deductible under IRC §170(b)(1)(A).

If the IRS reopens the application process for a block exemption under IRC §501(c)(3), the Global Methodist Church will apply for such a block exemption for local churches that are members of the Global Methodist Church. In order to maintain the possibility of inclusion in the block exemption granted to the Global Methodist Church in the future,Local churches that are members of the Global Methodist Church should not make a separate application for recognition of IRC §501(c)(3) status, but should instead rely on the automatic exemption under IRC §508(c)(1)(A) leave ).

5. How is a priest (ordained or authorized local pastor) ordained in the Global Methodist Church?

To apply for membership in the Global Methodist Church clergy, a priest must complete and submit the applicationApp for digital clergy. As part of completing the Digital Priesthood Application, you will upload certain documents, such as: B. Copies of ordination certificates or licenses showing your current spiritual qualifications, diplomas from educational institutions, and course certificates. As you complete the Digital Priesthood Application, you will complete a background check as part of completing the Digital Priesthood Application. Church applications can only be submitted via the digital clergy application. If you have any questions about the priest application process, please email

6. Does the Global Methodist Church offer a retirement program for clergy and lay staff from member churches?

Effective July 1, 2022, the Global Methodist Church offers the Covenant Clergy Personal Investment Plan (Covenant PIP), a defined contribution 403(b) plan sponsored by the Global Methodist Church. Brochure availableHereprovides information on clergy participation in the Covenant PIP.

Eligible Priests register with Covenant PIP by completing a table/registrationformaccordinglyoveInstructions.

Local churches can also participate in the Covenant PIP for their lay workers. Churches would have three options: 1) Allow employees to make contributions from their salaries as they see fit; 2) Church contribution of lay employees, up to 5% of lay employee salary; or 3) a contribution of 5% of the employee's remuneration plus the appropriate amount of the employee's contribution up to a further 5%. The registration process for employees is under development.

7. Will the Global Methodist Church offer life and disability insurance for ministers serving Global Methodist Churches and lay employees of such churches?

The Global Methodist Church provides eligible lay and clergy long-term disability and life insurance benefits administered by Unum. Brochure availableHereprovides additional information.

8. What provisions are made for medical insurance for clergy and lay workers in member churches affiliated with the Global Methodist Church?

The Global Methodist Church, through HealthFlex, offers health insurance to qualified ministers and lay employees of local Global Methodist congregations throughout the United States. Health insurance is also available for approved extended GM Church services that the services wish to attend. Wespath manages HealthFlex for GM Church. Insurance coverage begins on January 1, 2023.

Participants can choose betweensix medical plansthat are listedHere. In addition, three dental tariffs and three Vida tariffs are available.HealthFlex uses the national Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO network, their largest network.

Any local church/fee or approved extension of ministry—wherever it is located—whose clergy or laity participates in HealthFlex pays the same contribution, depending on the coverage elected by each participant: Individual coverage is $841; Participant + 1 dependent is $1,597; Family insurance is $2,185. These are monthly prices. The price a participant pays depends on the plan they choose. Of course, the more insurance coverage you purchase, the higher the cost. There is a plan that requires no input from the pastor. Prices are impressiveHere.

Attendance is mandatory for full-time ministers with four exceptions: 1. Dual-occupation or retired ministers who have insurance coverage through a current employer (not the church they serve) or a previous employer (eg (e.g. teacher or federal employee) .) 2. Insurance coverage by spouse's employer; 3. Military insurance coverage (such as TriCare); or 4. Medicare or Medicaid coverage. If an exception is granted, the Church does not pay the health insurance contribution to the GM Church.A pastor wishing to apply for one of the exceptions must fill out the form to do soThis one hereform. Please noteoveInstructions.

Coverage is optional for ministers who are three-quarters appointed and lay workers who work at least 30 hours per week, although 75% of qualified lay workers in a clergy position must attend. Wespath has an informative online tool to help participants choose plans that meet their needs. Available under:Ask for help choosing benefits.

Eligible participants who are new to Global Methodist HealthFlex medical insurance may apply by completing the followingregistration formaccording to instructions (Here).

Direct questions to GM Church Transitional Services Chairperson Rick Van Giesen

9. Who leads the Global Methodist Church?

Officially, the 17-member Transitional Leadership Council guides the Global Methodist Church during its transition. However, more than a thousand people were involved in the design and creation. Ministers and laity in Africa, Europe, Eurasia, the Philippines and the United States have devoted their time, talent and resources to discerning God's will for the formation of the Global Methodist Church. In his transition period he will lead the ChurchTransitional Book of Doctrine and Disciplines.Ultimately, duly elected delegates to the Global Methodist Church General Conference, meeting for prayer, will seek God's will for the future of the Church. The convening General Conference approves aBook of Teachings and Disciplinesreplace the transition document.

10. When will the Global Methodist Church hold its general assembly?

The Global Methodist Church's Transitional Leadership Council will work to determine the most realistic dates for the general conference it is calling. During a transition period of 12 to 18 months, local churches and annual conferences everywhere, as well as central conferences in Africa, Europe, Eurasia and the Philippines, will have the opportunity to join the Global Methodist Church. After the local churches and conferences have made their decisions, the Transitional Leadership Council will appoint delegates accordingly and invite them to the Global Methodist Church General Conference called.

11. What are the core beliefs of the Global Methodist Church?

This one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - created everything; that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of the whole world by the power of His Cross and Resurrection; and that the Holy Spirit empowers the people of His Church to worship and praise God and to preach the gospel in word and deed throughout the world.(For a complete account of the Church's core beliefs, see Transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline, pages 4-19.)

12. Is the Global Methodist Church an ethnically and racially diverse church committed to equality for all?

The! A truly global church, the denomination is ethnically and racially diverse and insists on equal treatment for all church members.

13. Are women serving as priests in the Global Methodist Church?

The! Women, like men, are called to serve in the Global Methodist Church and have the right to serve at all levels of the Global Methodist Church.

14. When can local churches join the Global Methodist Church?

Local churches can begin the process of joining the Global Methodist Church immediately.(See paragraph 355 inTransitional Book of Teachingsand Discipline for more details on when and how a current local UM church or other churches may join the Global Methodist Church.)

15. Will the local churches that join the Global Methodist Church own their property and assets, or will they be held in trust by the church as a whole?

According to the Global Methodist ChurchTransitional Book of Doctrine and DisciplinesThe local churches own all their property and assets. Since it is generally understood that local churches, annual conferences, and central conferences that are strongly inclined to join the Global Methodist Church do not want to be part of a denomination with a "trust clause" (i.e., in which the property of the local church is kept). trusting the general church), it is almost certain that the Global Methodist Church will never adopt it. Therefore, the local churches of the Global Methodist Church will own all their property and assets forever.

16. Where will the worldwide local Methodist churches be?

We anticipate that within five years of the official launch date (May 1, 2022), the Global Methodist Church will have local churches in numerous countries around the world. Some local churches will join one by one, other local churches will join regional groups. And new churches are being planted in mission areas around the world.

17. Will the Global Methodist Church have bishops, and if so, will they be bishops for life?

According to the Global Methodist ChurchTransitional Book of Doctrine and Disciplines(see paragraph 516.2) Bishops will hold office for fixed terms only. At the end of their term, they either return to the service of the local church or to another area of ​​church-wide service. It is widely believed that delegates to the convened General Conference of the Global Methodist Church will approve the term limit for bishops.

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