The 12 best piano players in the world (2023)


Many people think that everythingexcellent pianistlong gone, but that's not true at all.

The days of great classical composers may be over, but there are fantastic film music composers who prove otherwise.

The age of the actors has not disappeared either – on the contrary.

It's not the same as listening to a song on your device - and listening to a live performance at a concert.

There are many pianists around the world today who are downright great.

Here is aList of the 12 best pianists in the world.

The 12 greatest pianists in the world

1. Benjamin Grosvenor

He may not be considered a child prodigy, but considering his age, Grosvenor is definitely one of the finest pianists of his generation.

What made learning so much easier for him was the fact that his mother was a piano teacher.

With her help, Grosvenor began taking piano lessons at the age of six and made rapid progress as a player.

His education includes studies at the Royal Academy of Music, where he was one of the top students in his class.

He started performing at an early age - at the age of 9, in 2003.

Since then, Grosvenor has performed to numerous audiences around the world, mesmerizing them with his extraordinary playing ability.

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He is also highly regarded for his mastery of the instrument.

Benjamin Grosvenor handles even the most complex pieces of music with ease and makes them seem effortless.

In addition, he is known for his sensitive approach to piano playing, which is poetic and inspirational.

This unique blend of virtuoso playing and sensitivity makes Grosvenor a classic at just 25 years old.

Over the years Grosvenor has worked with many famous conductors and the list of musicians he has worked with is endless.

2. Daniil Trifonov

Another young pianist on the list,Daniel Trifonovwas born in Russia, where he started playing at the age of 5.

He had strong support from his parents because they saw the potential of little Trifonov.

His parents helped him from the beginning to become one of the best pianists.

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At the age of thirteen he experienced a serious crisis that could have ended his playing career - he fell and broke his arm.

This incident prevented him from playing for almost a month, but he successfully recovered and continued to perfect his craft.

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Trifon's real breakthrough came at the age of 19 when he won three major competitions.

This propelled him into the stratosphere of pianists and he has continued to delight audiences ever since.

He is widely regarded as one of the most passionate pianists of his generation.

His playing style is characterized by incredible precision and uncompromising attention to detail.

Trifonov can play even the most difficult piano compositions with great attention to every single note.


3. Yundi Li

Li is from China and has been involved in music for most of his life.

His musical path took a few turns before setting a steady course.

At first he played the accordion, but then switched to the piano because it suited him better.

Since the age of 12, Li has been winning piano competitions all over the world, from Europe to America.

He has a reputation for staying humble even when fame hits him hard.

His main interest is music and he improves his piano playing skills year after year.

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Li is one of China's most famous pianists and is considered a leader in his profession.

In addition to performing in the best halls in the world, Li is also very active in the humanitarian field and promotes classical music as part of children's education.

4. Evgeny Kissin

Evgeny Kissin belongs to the group of the most talented pianists of all time.

He's been playing by ear since the incredible age of two!

A few years later he founded a school for gifted students and performed for the first time at the age of ten.

During his teenage years he made rapid progress, playing in Europe with renowned musicians and conductors.

Even before he was 18 he was considered an “adult” pianist.

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Soon after, he was approached by numerous record companies for a deal.

His recording roster is now among the best in the world and he continues to fascinate people around the world.

Despite the fact that he could easily be a genius, and despite his fame in the classical music world, Kissin is a very down to earth individual untouched by the tremendous successes he has achieved.

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5. Murray Perahia

Murray PerahiaBorn in New York, he began studying the piano at a very young age, around the age of four.

He also has an excellent education, as he was a trained composer and conductor.

One of the most important characteristics of his game is his unique style - he is very emotional and committed to the work he is playing.

When performing, he surrenders to the composition and absorbs it in its entirety.

That is why he was one of the most sought-after concert pianists of his time.

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6. Andras Schiff

Schiff began his musical journey at the age of five and made his first public appearance as a musician four years later.

After winning the competition in Moscow in 1974, his career took off.

From that moment on, he's a household name in that regardclassical piano.

Andräs Schiff dedicates himself entirely to his playing and is considered a purist in some music circles.

He does not give preference to new or recent music over old compositions, so he tries to preserve and promote older composers, the so-called. Old Masters.

While he's definitely considered one of the best players in the world, Schiff isn't too flashy when it comes to showing off his skills.

The focus is on evoking the best emotion a song can offer - and it never succeeds.

He has contributed greatly to piano playing and is considered a very influential person in his profession.

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we can:

7. Krystian Zimerman

The Polish pianist started playing at the age of five and received his first lessons from his father.

He studied at a prestigious music conservatory and by the age of 20 had won several prestigious competitions.

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This started his successful career around the world.

Zimerman is definitely a perfectionist and his attention to detail is fascinating.

It cultivates the perfect combination of tonal control and virtuoso playing for the best possible listening experience.

In addition, he is very strict when it comes to the rights of musicians and disapproves of video sharing platforms like You Tube.

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A few years ago he left his own concert because someone in the audience filmed him.

According to Zimerman, this severely affects his artistic personality and he firmly discourages such practices whenever he can.

In his opinion, what distinguishes a pianist is equal parts playing style and moral attitude, which is rare in most pianists today.

8. Lang Lang

This pianist could well be considered a child prodigy.

He was born in China and started acting at the age of 3.

Just two years later, Lang won an award at the competition in his first public performance, an incredible achievement.

At the age of eleven he won a competition in Beijing, and after that the award ceremonies began.

He developed into one of the best concert pianists in China and was ready for an international career.

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Lang is the first pianist from China to play with leading philharmonic orchestras in Europe, such as the Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Philharmonic.

His playing is often viewed as dreamlike and ethereal as his approach and attention to detail are at times incredible.

That's why he can trump many pianists today because he focuses on the inner world of the composition and brings out its underlying message.

9. John Chen

Chen is a naturalized citizen of New Zealand but was born in Malaysia.

He started playing his instrument at the age of 3 and eventually earned a degree in music.

He won his first competition at the age of 9, but went on to win many more prestigious competitions.

Often hailed as one of the world's most inspirational pianists, Chen focuses primarily on contemporary music, particularly 20th-century French music.

However, he has mastered the vast majority of subgenres, from baroque to contemporary, and he really knows how to take a composition to a higher level with his playing.

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He is definitely one of the greats when it comes to the art of piano playing and is sure to continue to wow audiences around the world.

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10.Jeno Jando

Jando is originally from Hungary, where he received his first piano lessons and completed his music studies at the Franz Liszt Academy.

He had great success early on, but what really changed his career was the prize he won in a competition at the age of 18.

He enjoys playing all eras of music from baroque to contemporary and is known for his elegant and unique playing style.

Jando has also made numerous recordings, leaving behind a serious musical legacy.

He currently has over sixty albums of classical music, Liszt, Schumann, Beethoven and many others in his collection.

Because he is also a teacher, Jeno Jando has become what is very rare today - a true music scholar.

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11. Grigorij Sokolov

Sokolov has had an incredible career, being one of those players who found their musical path early on.

He began playing the piano at the age of five and two years later he was admitted to the Leningrad Conservatory.

After winning the competition in 1966, Sokolov became one of the pre-eminent players of his generation.

Today, many consider him one of the greatestfamous classical pianistsof all time in its category.

His playing style never fails to wow audiences around the world.

It's very intricate, but it controls the sound with amazing precision, immersing itself in every piece played.

Sokolov is one of those pianists who made a lasting contribution to the art of piano, and his influence and legacy will linger for decades to come.

The 12 best piano players in the world (11)

12. Michael Houstoun

Houstoun is another pianist from New Zealand.

Early on he gained great fame in his country, where he won all the important music competitions before he was 18 years old.

In 1973 he won the important Van Clibrun competition and decided to study abroad.

He studied piano in America and Britain but then decided to return to his country.

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He was an inspiration to many new pianists and achieved tremendous success in his home country.

When it comes to the game, Houston's forte is his sense of timing, which is second to none.

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He can play slower, gentler pieces with such verve and clarity, a rather rare ability in a pianist.

While he may not be among the most celebrated pianists in the world, Houstoun is certainly a major influence on his peers and audiences.


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