The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (2023)

Werewolves, witches, zombies... are just some of the classic monsters that many associate with the Halloween holiday. Though iconic slasher villains like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers have stolen the limelight for the last several decades, no Halloween is complete or scary enough without a visit from undead dogs with the softest human blood: vampires.

Since the publication of the Irish authorBram Stoker'SDraculaIn 1897, public interest in vampiric beings never seems to wane as these creatures have undergone various transformations in the mass media. Anime is no exception, opening the door for more appreciative fans and introducing them to some of the most dangerous characters to ever walk the big screen in vampire anime films and series.

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With the recent conclusion of the second season of the seriesVampir umire za tren okait is clear that there is an ongoing interest in vampire anime. The best vampire anime, whether it's a movie or a series, has stood the test of time and proven itself to be a masterpiece to be watched again and again and is a must-watch for fans of the genre.


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12 „Vassalord“ (2013)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (1)

It offers an incredibly shorter runtime than the other entries on this list.VazalordRelated toJosei Manga Nanae Chrono and was converted into a 30-minute original video animation (OVA).

Anime follows the conflicted relationship between Charley, a Vatican vampire hunter who is also a cyborg/vampire hybrid, and his vampire master, Johnny, who enjoys his playboy lifestyle. With themes of suspense, mystery and boy love,Vazalordsees Charley suppress his desire for Johnny's blood, while Johnny finds Charley's resistance amusing but seductive.

11 "Blood: The Last Vampire" (2000)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (2)

Inspired by StokerDraculaand americansupernatural drama television series Buffy the vampire slayerIn this Japanese animated horror fantasy film, viewers witness a world guarded by high school student Saya, who happens to be a katana-wielding vampire slayer.

Saya feels no weakness for sunlight or other vulnerabilities commonly attributed to vampires, and eschews the chiropterans, vampiric bat-like creatures that can pose as humans and, ironically, enjoy drinking their blood. Set in the 1960s, Saya is assigned to the US Air Force base in Yokota, where a chiropteran is believed to have infiltrated the military base.

10 „Blood Lad“ (2013.)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (3)

Most vampire fans have dreamed at some point in their lives of becoming one themselves in order to have abilities like superhuman dexterity and an eternal lifespan.Blood Lad features a descendant of Dracula, the path of Charlie Blood, an otaku who indulges in Japanese culture but has no interest in human blood or the vampire lifestyle.

When a resourceful Japanese high school student, Fuyumi Yanagi, accidentally stumbles into the world of demons, she is immediately drawn to Staz. Their supposedly romantic encounter is interrupted when Fuyumi is eaten by a carnivorous plant demon and transformed into a ghost. But not even the afterlife can stand in the way of Staz's determination to get the girl of his dreams.

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9 „Vampirprinzessin Miyu“ (1997–1998)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (4)

Adapted from the manga series of the same name,Vampirprinzessin Miyuis one of the most underrated vampire anime series. The focus is on a girl named Miyu who is caught between the human and demon worlds. Born a vampire, Miyu's destiny is connected to her Shinma (god-demon) side and she believes her goal is to capture others like her and send them back to the underworld.

Vampirprinzessin Miyuis definitely worse and more brutal than the typical beginner anime. Viewers who don't fancy extreme violence and graphic murder might want to skip it, but fans of this aspect of the genre will likely enjoy this lesser-known series.

8 „Kizumonogatari“ (2016.)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (5)

Following the release of the acclaimed, fantastic hit seriesBakemonogatari, it is not surprising that its predecessorKizumonogatariwill delight both fans and newcomers to the series as it focuses on morevivid body horror elements.

The anime film follows high school main protagonist Koyomi Araragi as he learns of rumors about a beautiful blonde vampire lurking in town. On the same day, Koyomi encounters a blond, gold-eyed vampire lying in a pool of blood with all four of her limbs cut off by vampire hunters. When a badly mutilated vampire screams for help, Koyomi's decision will result in a complete change in his life, for better or for worse.

7 „Seraph of the Ends“ (2015)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (6)

Seraph of the Endsis a slightly light vampire anime that combines military confederations with supernatural elements, albeit in a post-apocalyptic setting aimed more at a younger audience.

The action-adventure series follows the events of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, for whom the extermination of vampires is just part of their daily routine. The main protagonist, Yuichiro Hyakuya, is one of the young survivors who were spared from an artificial virus that afflicted the human population in 2012. After escaping captivity and feeding vampires, Yuichiro is determined to avenge his friends who weren't as lucky as him.

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6 „Blood+“ (2005–2006)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (7)

Aside from having the same name as the protagonist,blood+Isan equally intriguing anime spin-offtakes place in a different universe than its predecessorBlood: The Last Vampire. The series is very popular because it features completely different characters and contains action sequences that take full advantage of the bad qualities of vampires.

Saya Otonashi suffers from anemia and is unable to remember the past year. Her normal life is thrown off balance when she is attacked by a chiropteran. After drinking her savior's blood, Saya learns that her blood becomes a catalyst for killing bloodsuckers. Armed with a katana, Saya's mysterious past, spanning decades and centuries, is slowly revealed as she travels the world slaying Chiroptera.

5 "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" (Seasons 1-3; 2016)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (8)

One ofthe longest-running anime series popular with fansaround the world,Bizarre Jojos Abenteueris known not only for his intriguing stories spanning multiple time frames, themes and genres, but also for incorporating pop culture references as reflected in his unique art style and infamous poses.

In the first three seasons of the supernatural adventure anime series, vampires are the series' main antagonists, with an army of undead creatures led by one of the anime's most charismatic villains, Dio Brando. Possessing abilities like high-level regeneration, body manipulation, and blood-sucking tentacles on their fingers, these undead creatures aren't the typical vampires that audiences are familiar with, as they could easily (and accidentally) turn into zombies if their vampire transformation is mishandled.

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4 'Shiki' (2010. - 2011.)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (9)

Translated as "demon corpse",ShikiThe story is set in Sotoba, a quaint little Japanese town that has been plagued by a series of mysterious deaths, coinciding with the arrival of the enigmatic Kirishiki family, who have moved into a long-abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. The village doctor, Toshio Ozaki, and the other citizens of Sotoba begin the investigation and are even visited at night by vampire creatures called Shiki.

The anime vampire supernatural horror series is slower paced and chooses the path of psychological horror instead of full of action sequences like the previous two entries. However, the audience is after watchingShikiHe may never get a good night's sleep without making sure nobody stays under the bed.

3 „Vampire Hunter D: Bloodthirst“ (2000)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (10)

Gothic horror fans will definitely love it with its stunning graphics, provocative dark humor and eerie orchestral soundVampirjäger D: Blutdurst. This one hereHorror fantasy for adultsrevolves around D, a reserved and taciturn vampire hunter who is half vampire, half human.

D. is fearful and known for his exceptional skills in hunting creatures of the night. He is hired by a wealthy businessman to find his daughter Charlotte, believing that she was kidnapped by a vampire baron named Meier Link. Things are turned upside down when it turns out that Charlotte and Meier have a genuine love for each other, but bounty hunters and seemingly sinister forces demand their involvement.

2 'Castlevania' (2017. - 2021.)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (11)

For the audience looking for vampire anime for beginners:Castlevaniais the perfect starting point. Based on the video game of the same name, the Netflix series follows complex protagonists Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Syph Belnades as they defend the land from the violent Dracula and his army.

Dark Medieval Fantasy,Castlevaniais beautifully animated and impeccably composed, transporting fans to another era. Even those who have never played the games will appreciate this hugely popular series that breathes new life into Dracula's tragic story.

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1 „Hellsing Ultimate“ (2006. - 2012.)

The 12 best vampire-themed anime movies and series, ranked (12)

When malevolent creatures of the night threaten the citizens of England, it falls to the super-secret organization Hellsing to destroy those threats and restore peace without delay - an effortless task as the organization holds an trump card, that of the world's most powerful vampire, Alucard.

After learning that a Nazi paramilitary organization called the Millennium is the primary culprit for mass turning humans into vampires, Alucard's undiminished omnipotence is revealeda dark and gloomy vampire anime series Hellsing Ultimate, but will it come at the cost of total human extinction?

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