Thinking about "Zumanity" much more than a show in Las Vegas (2023)

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Thinking about "Zumanity" much more than a show in Las Vegas (1)
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Thinking about "Zumanity" much more than a show in Las Vegas (5)

O 'O' do Cirque du Soleil no Bellagio


brock radke

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 (2:00 am)

If you make the right decisions, one night in Las Vegas can change your life.

“People say the craziest things to me. A woman from somewhere in the Midwest sent me a message years ago saying that our show has completely changed her sexually," says Christopher Kenney, who created the drag persona of Edie and played the "Lady of Sensuality" in Cirque du soleil.humannessfor over 12 years. “She always felt she had to be a certain type of woman, or no man would find her attractive. She was incredibly insecure, and something abouthumannessit made her feel sexy. … She said she was having more sex and that she was happier than she had ever been in her life. And that's so wonderful."

That's not the kind of change you'd expect from a Las Vegas show. But it's not an uncommon reaction tohumanness, opened in 2003 at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino. Their last performance was on March 14th.

Cirque announced last week thathumannesswill not return, informing the cast and crew of about 120 of the same-day permanent closure. Few things are truly shocking these days, and a big show ending during a pandemic that has completely devastated Las Vegas can't come as a complete surprise. (humannessIt is the second major show to close;The dreamdid in August).

But for Kenney and other artists, it came as a shock. “I just wasn't prepared at all. I just never thoughthumannessIt was in a position to close or that was even a thought. It wasn't like we had a weak show."

A statement from a spokesperson for Cirque du Soleil said the decision to closehumannessit was mutual between Cirque and MGM Resorts, a result of many factors, including the impacts of the pandemic on the Las Vegas entertainment scene and market: “We have reviewed our portfolio of shows and how we are moving forward. MGM Resorts has expressed its intention to explore other programming at this theater space, which it will announce in the coming months."

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A few days later, MGM announced that ventriloquist and singer Terry Fator, whose headlining show at the Mirage ended earlier this year, will play a limited run at the New York-New York theater through the end of the year, although that show's opening was postponed from November 26th to December 17th after the showroom's permitted capacities were reduced this week.

Originally intended to be Cirque's exploration of sensuality, romance and eroticism,humannesswas groundbreaking and somewhat controversial when it officially opened on September 20, 2003. Like any production that achieves longevity, significant changes were made in its early stages and throughout its long run, but it was always provocative. “You have to go too far before you know what is too far,” creative director Andrew Watson toldlas vegas sunin April 2003.

After its initial preview, and as audiences warmed to Cirque's sexy side, the show evolved into something more festive and uplifting. “When you come to see the show, I invite you into my world, and my world is very different from yours,” says Kenney. "I want you to meet what I consider the most fabulous group of creatures in the world."

One of his best-known original acts featured two men engaged in an intense, almost ballet-like battle. The climatic ending finds the warriors in a kiss. InhumannessIn the early days, some guests used to react by leaving the show, offended, sometimes muttering homophobic slurs.

“I was told this happened a lot more before I got there,” says Kenney. “But all of that has slowly stopped over the years. It was amazing. I'm sure people still think that, but they didn't say more, which was good. I felt the world could be growing and changing, becoming more loving and tolerant."

It's rare that a Las Vegas show serves as a barometer of social change, but that's just one of the reasons whyhumannessit was special Cirque productions are known for casting exceptionally bright performers in anonymous roles.humannessput the cast's personalities on full display. Before Edie, New York drag performer and cabaret singer Joey Arias serves as emcee. The different acts were introduced by their names, sometimes character names and sometimes real names, and there was direct interaction with the audience.

This personal recognition also strengthened the feeling of family for the artists and team members. Wassa Coulibaly, a dancer from Senegal, was part of the original cast and performed withhumannessfor 10 years. He spent this time learning from his peers and growing as an artist.

“It was the first time I saw such a wide variety of people from all over the world coming together and working so wonderfully together, and also sitting together doing our makeup, laughing and talking,” says Coulibaly. “I can't describe the feeling of discovering this world, and after it's over, I realize that this was the most incredible moment of my life. It's not like that everywhere."

humannessTheir creative collaboration inspired her to go further. “It made my entire career, my decision to stay in Las Vegas, open a theater and remain an artist,” says Coulibaly, who operates the Baobab Stage theater and cafe and its adjacent Wassa Boutique on Town Square.

Over 17 years,humannessit affected far more people than sitting in a theater on the Strip for one night. He made an impact on the local community and the general idea of ​​Las Vegas, and his message was undeniably one of love and acceptance. Perhaps other programs have done this, buthumannessit will always be special.

“Many of us dedicate part of our lives to the show,” says Coulibaly. “They brought together different people from all over the world with different backgrounds and allowed them to be creative in their own way, and then they gave you this platform to unleash all that creativity. That's what made it so unique."

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Thinking about "Zumanity" much more than a show in Las Vegas (6)

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What Cirque show is replacing Zumanity? ›

Preceded byVarekai (2002)
Succeeded by (2005)
Official website
24 more rows

What happened to Cirque du Soleil Zumanity? ›

After 17 years on the Las Vegas strip, Cirque du Soleil's “Zumanity” announced its permanent closure. The last performance was on March 14, before the COVID-19 shutdown and although the show intended to come back on stage later this year, it was unable to do so, due to health guidelines during the pandemic.

Will Zumanity come back? ›

A longtime Strip show, “Zumanity,” won't reopen at New York-New York. Cirque du Soleil shared a Tweet about the permanent closure of “Zumanity,” saying, “Today we applaud Zumanity as the show has taken its final bow and will not be reopening.

Which Cirque du Soleil show is better in Vegas? ›

Best Cirque du Soleil for the Family

Of all the Cirque shows, Mystere is the one that captivates audiences of all ages in Las Vegas with a sense of awe and wonder. Mystere is a classic and is Cirque du Soleil's longest-running show in Las Vegas.

Which is better Ka or Mystere? ›

KA has by far the most storyline of all cirque shows- which makes it much more theater. It is amazing- and it's stage is always talked about when the show ends; It just so happens some don't speak highly of anything else. Any 1st time attendee I say Mystere- and anyone who likes Cirque will get what they wanted.

What will happen to Cirque Love? ›

Beatles' Love Appears Likely to Close

Now, however, Cirque du Soliel has confirmed that the very popular "The Beatles Love" show has been extended until the end of 2023. Cast and crew members have been given a brief extension to their contracts that carry them through the end of that year.

Is Cirque du Soleil closing in Las Vegas? ›

Cirque announced in November that it was permanently closing its sixth Las Vegas show, the adult-themed “Zumanity,” after a 17-year run at New York New York Hotel & Casino. That show's final performance was on March 14, 2020, a day before Cirque shows worldwide were shut down because of the pandemic.

Where can I watch Zumanity? ›

Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil on Vimeo.

Where is Zumanity playing in Las Vegas? ›

Where is Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity playing in Las Vegas? If Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity is in Las Vegas, they'll likely be playing at Zumanity Theatre at New York NY Hotel and Casino. Click here to see all Las Vegas theater tickets.

What are best seats for Cirque du Soleil? ›

Categories 1 and 2 (Upper & Lower Orchestra) are the best seats in the theater as they offer a direct view of the stage. However, if you're willing to sit at a distance from the stage, the Balcony is also great for watching the show. To get the best unobstructed view, it's best not to go too low or too high.

What are the best seats for Cirque du Soleil Ka Las Vegas? ›

The first section (Sections 101-103) has the best views of the stage, as these are right in front of the stage. While the Ka Theatre is designed in such a way that there is no bad seat in the house, the first few rows of this section have the best views.

What is the best magic show in Las Vegas? ›

Michael Carbonaro. Michael Carbonaro, America's favorite trickster, brings his brand new show Michael Carbonaro Live In Vegas to the Penn & Teller Theater at Rio Las Vegas for a limited engagement from May 25th - July 2nd, 2023.

Why is Cirque du Soleil closing? ›

As we went into COVID, that was the worst. We had to shut down all the shows. We had to release 95-per-cent or more of all our employees that we had at Cirque. You know the whole bankruptcy story.

What are the allegations against Cirque du Soleil? ›

Canadian avant garde circus troupe Cirque de Soleil filed a lawsuit against Justin Timberlake on Thursday over allegations that the singer and producer Timbaland (born Timothy Mosley) sampled a portion of one of Cirque's original compositions without permission on his 2013 song “Don't Hold the Wall.”

Why can't you take pictures at Cirque du Soleil? ›

There are prohibitions against taking photos and video during the Cirque du Soleil performance, there are real safety concerns for the performers as well as copyright issues with the show itself.

What is the most expensive Cirque show? ›

Cirque du Soleil Puts Record $57 Million in Russian Show.

How much do Cirque du Soleil KÀ performers make? ›

The base salary for Performers in companies like Cirque Du Soleil Inc range from $50,402 to $74,677 with the average base salary of $61,163. The total cash compensation, which includes bonus, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $50,402 to $76,877 with the average total cash compensation of $61,891.

Where are the best seats for Mystere in Las Vegas? ›

While there really is no bad seat in the theater, I recommend lower level, section 103, row H, it's not too low but still close enough to see everything happening around and above you, feel the music, be apart of the audience entertainment. If you chose the upper level, stay in section 103.

Is the Mirage Las Vegas closing? ›

There are currently no plans for the Las Vegas Mirage to cease operations as it undergoes a transformation into its next stage as a Hard Rock-branded resort and casino.

What is the age limit for Cirque du Soleil Love? ›

Are there any age restrictions for The Beatles LOVE? Children under the age of five (5) years are not permitted into The Beatles LOVE Theatre. Guests under the age of eighteen (18) years must be accompanied by an adult.

What ages is Cirque du Soleil drawn to life for? ›

Ticket Information

Adult tickets are for ages 10+. Children tickets are for ages 3-9. Children 2 and under are free provided they sit on their parent's lap.

Is Luxor Las Vegas closing? ›

An iconic Las Vegas hotel, Luxor, could be facing demolition if industry chatter is to be believed. While no official announcement has been made, a decision to bring down Luxor during a period of weak demand due to the COVID-19 crisis could make sense for the resort's owner, MGM Resorts.

What is the longest running cirque show in Vegas? ›

Mystère (French: [mis. tɛʁ], mee-STAIR, "mystery") is one of six resident Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, Nevada. Held in a custom theatre at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, the show was first performed on 25 December 1993, making it the company's longest running show.

What are the 3 casinos closing in Las Vegas? ›

Texas Station and Fiesta Henderson are two of four properties that Station Casinos decided to close in recent months, along with Fiesta Rancho and Wild Wild West. All except for Wild Wild West have been closed since March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Zumanity in Las Vegas? ›

Zumanity - Cirque du Soleil (Las Vegas) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go.

Which Cirque du Soleil show is risque? ›

Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas — What to Expect

You should expect to witness nudity and heavily sexual themes, along with foul language and suggestive sounds.

Is Cirque du Soleil a burlesque? ›

Cirque du Soleil's mélange of Dionysian dynamics and sensual acrobatics drew inspiration from burlesque and cabaret but burst through tradition with a modern take on adult entertainment. No other Cirque show had relied as much on the physiques of its cast as their physicality or blended risk-taking with the risqué.

What hotel is Zumanity in? ›

Overview. Experience the erotic thrill ride of Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil at New York-New York Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. High-energy acrobatics and naughty fun fill the air in this seductive twist on reality, making the provocative playful and the forbidden electrifying.

How many seats are in the Zumanity Theater? ›

The Zumanity Theatre has a seating capacity of 1,261. The theatre is divided into three sections, with wheelchair-accessible seating present in all sections.

When did Zumanity start? ›

Zumanity premiered on September 20, 2003, at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

What is the new Cirque du Soleil show? ›

With nearly four decades at the forefront of groundbreaking entertainment, Cirque du Soleil will debut a completely new and wickedly fun Las Vegas production – Mad Apple – at New York-New York Hotel & Casino on May 26, 2022.

Who is Cirque du Soleil biggest competitor? ›

Cirque du Soleil competitors include Blue Man Group, Cineplex Entertainment and AEG Live.

Why was Cirque Crystal Cancelled? ›

“Crystal,” premiered in Quebec, Canada, in 2018. The skating spectacle was scheduled to play both Hartford and Bridgeport in June of 2020, only to be canceled due to the COVID shutdown of performance venues throughout the state.

What is the most expensive Cirque du Soleil show? ›

Cirque du Soleil Puts Record $57 Million in Russian Show.

What do Cirque du Soleil performers get paid? ›

Average Cirque du Soleil hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Graphic Design Intern to $31.85 per hour for Automation Technician. The average Cirque du Soleil salary ranges from approximately $36,000 per year for Assistant Supervisor to $180,000 per year for Performer.

Are Cirque du Soleil tickets worth it? ›

It is definitely worth seeing the show. It's very unique and not something you can see elsewhere in the world with it's water stage. You don't need the most expensive seats for the show. If you go for Limited View seats, as long as you don't take the ones in row O, then you actually will see just fine.

What are the best seats at Cirque? ›

Categories 1 and 2 (Upper & Lower Orchestra) are the best seats in the theater as they offer a direct view of the stage. However, if you're willing to sit at a distance from the stage, the Balcony is also great for watching the show. To get the best unobstructed view, it's best not to go too low or too high.

Why is Cirque du Soleil expensive? ›

Cirque du Soleil shows are incredibly expensive to produce.

Much of the budget was for technical feats, including a battle scene featuring acrobats on wires fighting vertically. Sadly, it was during the battle sequence that aerialist Sarah Guillot-Guyard died in 2013. It was Cirque du Soleil's first onstage fatality.

Who owns Cirque now? ›

Cirque du Soleil
FoundersGuy Laliberté Gilles Ste-Croix
HeadquartersMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleStéphane Lefebvre, President and CEO
8 more rows

Is Cirque du Soleil hard to get into? ›

The audition process is rigorous, as is the training period and rehearsals that go into every show. Audience expectations are high, so the workload that goes into creating a show that lives up to the Cirque du Soleil name night after night is also high.

Is Cirque Dreams different than Cirque du Soleil? ›

Cirque Productions, also known as Cirque Dreams, is a subsidiary of Cirque du Soleil.

Why doesn t Cirque du Soleil have animals? ›

The absence of animal acts in Cirque was a matter of artistic preference. In the early 1980s, Canada had no real circus tradition to speak of. Sure, traveling circuses with animal acts crisscrossed the country, but they were American-owned. Our troupe consisted of street performers, not traditional circus artists.

Has Cirque du Soleil ever gone wrong? ›

Oleksandr Zhurov, 2009

During a training session at a Montreal facility in 2009, Cirque du Soleil suffered its first-ever fatality when Ukrainian acrobat Oleksandr Zhurov, 24, died after falling backward on a Russian swing contraption that launches acrobats up to 30 feet into the air, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Is it cold inside the Cirque du Soleil Crystal? ›

Dress Warmly For Crystal by Cirque du Soleil

You'll want to be prepared for the cooler indoor temperature and those pre-show snowball fights. This is probably less of an issue if you're attending Crystal later in the year, but if your tickets are for a summertime show like mine were, you'll want to bring a jacket.


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